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pandora earrings Few studies have examined this question directly,13 14 15 but it is important in quantifying not only how many deaths might be avoided by intervening to prevent or reduce smoking during pregnancy but also whether the social gradient in stillbirths and infant deaths could be attenuated by antismoking measures. pandora rings We have previously shown that smoking during pregnancy may have contributed to some of the social gradients in preterm birth in Scotland in the period 1994 2003.16 Here, we examine the effects of smoking on social gradients in stillbirths and infant deaths. Specifically, our aim was to study the effect of area deprivation on rates of stillbirth and infant mortality in Scotland for the 10 year period 1994 2003 and to establish whether smoking during pregnancy contributed to these gradients and, if so, to what extent.MethodsInformation on all maternity admissions to all Scottish hospitals is recorded on Scottish morbidity record forms (SMR02), which are collated on a national database. pandora earrings

pandora jewellery Women are very fond of jewellery. It adds to beauty of women. Thus it plays a special importance for them. However, in an attempt to exclude patients with a misdiagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis, we also examined patients with at least two hospitalisations for rheumatoid arthritis at least six weeks apart in accordance with current classification criteria.3 Rheumatoid arthritis was identified using ICD 8 ((international classification of diseases, eighth revision) diagnostic codes 712.1, 712.2, 712.3 (for 1977 94) and ICD 10 codes M05 M06 (for 1995 2010). Rheumatoid arthritis end points were actively reported by hospitals nationwide immediately after discharge of patients from hospitals in the entire period of follow up.Other autoimmune rheumatic diseasesParticipants diagnosed clinically with other incident autoimmune rheumatic diseases were identified similarly using the national Danish Patient Registry and ICD 8 and ICD 10 codes for 1977 94 and 1995 2010 respectively: systemic lupus erythematosus was coded 734.1 and L93, M32; Sjgren’s syndrome was 734.90 and M32.0; systemic sclerosis was 731.0 and L94; and polymyositis or dermatomyositis was 716.0 and M33.0 M33.1.Rheumatoid factorTurbidity were used to measure concentrations of rheumatoid factor of IgM type in plasma (measuring range 15 440 IU/mL) (Konelab, Thermo Fischer Scientific, Helsinki, Finland). Plasma samples were drawn in 1981 83 and frozen at 20C until measurement in 2009 10 pandora jewellery.

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